Social Girls is a nonprofit based in Miami, but it is also a community of 10.000 authentic girls in Miami, NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and more!

It's not easy being a woman, deciding to live in a new city and making new friends...

We really want to love the city that we have chosen to call home, but it’s hard to find people that we can truly connect with, a collection of third places that they feel comfortable in and the secrets that make the city more than just a people trap.

Social media makes our life look easy but is it really the truth? We see girls checking into fancy bars on Facebook, tweeting about their busy day and Instagramming the food, fashion and architecture. The unspoken truth, however, is that social media is built to show the best (sometimes fake) of our life, not the real one.

Who are we?

Social Girls already exists in major cities like Miami, NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and in other cities in Florida: Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. The goal is to create thousand and thousand local communities within cities all over the US. 

These communities exist both offline and online - with coffee mornings, sunday brunch, evening drinks, trips, gigs, book clubs, walking groups, outdoor activities, boating and anything that Girls like to do! 


Let's connect and join our official Facebook group Social Girls of your city !

Team introduction



Founder & Marketing/Design Director

"My name is Aurore. I was born in Paris and raised in a small village in the South of France. I’ve always been a little different than most people around me. While my friends were dreaming of getting married to the guy next door and having kids, I was already picturing myself traveling the world.

After I finished my studies in a Business School where I graduated with Major in Entrepreneurship and an MBA in Marketing, I worked in Paris for a few years. I kept running after the perfect life but soon realized it might have looked good on paper but in reality I wasn't really happy… But then, after losing the only person who truly cared and loved me, my mom, I decided I didn’t want to live someone else's life. Within 2 weeks I left my fiancé, a well-paid and secure job, an apartment in central Paris, my car, my friends and my family... to live on an island in the Caribbean where I'd never been before, with no money I had to start everything from scratch and I did it! Few years later I found myself doing the same thing in the US.

I was working for Estée Lauder, while building my own business, a luxury concierge business: Kate Gasby. It has now grown to be a full-time job! I create Kate Gasby, tailored vacations and services in Miami but also all over the world (housing, cars, yacht, staffing, high-end dinner with a chef, events, lifestyle management...etc). I love my job, I also love painting, cooking, boating and of course, traveling which allows me to discover new places for my clients.
When I moved to Miami it was very difficult for me to find friends. So I decided to create the Social Girls group on Facebook to find like-minded women with a diverse background like mine. Thanks to this group, I found my best friends, and at the same time the motivation to keep working to bring people together. Now my hope is to help women in Miami feel connected to a group of strong women located in the Miami area that are always there to support and lift each other up. Together (at home for now) Edina, Sari, and I are working hard to make this happen."



Social Girls Entrepreneurs & Local Businesses Director

My name is Edina. I have lived six years in Bosnia, six years in Germany, 18 years in Chicago, but all my life I have longed for the beach life so Miami feels like “home sweet home” after only three short years of being here. 

I have been in real estate, property management, and accounting industry since the day I started working legally at age 16 so I am very well versed in it. Which is why after moving to Miami, I have started my own company specializing in property management, accounting, investments, and business consulting. 

My social life in Miami, was not as successful though. I was not making friends so part of me was tempted to move back home. But as luck would have it, I came across Social Girls in Miami thanks to Aurore. I became active in the group and have since met so many incredible women in Miami as well as made so many new amazing, genuine, and true friendships. You ladies rock!!! 

I truly fell in love with this group and have decided to get more involved with events, activities, entrepreneur networking and socialization for others in Miami. I know what it’s like to live in Miami and wanting to belong and just have fun, which is why I love telling others about our group and how fantastic everyone is!



Events Director

"My name is Sari. I’m 30 years old and I moved to US at the age of 26 fool for love. We married in intention to live long happy life, but soon after I moved to Miami I realized the relationship was nothing what I expected. I felt worthless, unloved and disrespected every day. I realized I had two options; either go back home to Finland or stay here in Miami.


I was very afraid because I had never lived aboard, my whole family was in Finland, I didn’t have any friends here and I was just learning a new culture. Even though I was afraid, I decided to kick love’s ass and stay, show my ex husband I can do this alone, who never believed I could. After many tears and unbelievably sad loneliness, I started to feel life again. Little by little I built my life here in Miami and I even found dreams and goals that I want to achieve — like my eco-friendly event planning business, Your D’light.


After all, I’m happy and proud of myself that I stayed and fought through all. Nowadays, I can live nice secure life in Miami with my lovely 10 years old mini pincher. On my free timeI enjoy relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, beach and discovering new hidden spots in Miami. 

For me it’s been very hard to make friends in Miami, mostly because I have terrible trust issues from my past relationship. Social Girls in Miami have given me the secure feeling to socialize and meet girls who have also just come here, are kicking butts just like me and looking for real connections. I’m looking forward building this community and help our group to achieve together and conquer our dreams while making long lasting friendships." 



Social Media Director

I am the latest addition to the Miami team. I recently moved here after starting a job in February of 2019. I grew up in Naples, Florida. When the company I work for reached out to me to see if I would consider relocating, I jumped to the occasion. After living in a city that was predominantly retirement-aged, it was definitely a new experience to live in a city with so many young people!

Like many millennials, I spent a lot of time focusing on my career which left me with very little time to spend with friends or on hobbies. I made it a point to meet brilliant and inspiring women and spend time being active in community outreach projects.  I feels so fortunate to have found the Social Girls in Miami group; “nothing is more important than having authentic connections.” My goal is to  live as  passionately as possible… day  trips, brunchs, drinks? Count me  in!  I  am   always  looking or new activities & love to volunteer. 

I cannot  wait to  meet you all in  the very near  future!

We believe that real friendships with authentic women can create amazing connections and change the world.

Our Mission

Create real friendships, build a fulfilling life and change the world together!


Our Vision

The main goal of this group is to connect amazing women together.


We want to help girls and women to feel home in their city, find new friends, travel companions or new job, but also new inspirations and advices. 

If you feel concerned about our mission and want to help us organize next events, please message us and have a chat with a member of our team. We would be glad to welcome you !

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